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Set in a vibrant maker space for artists, an assorted cast of puppet characters work along side Alex and Da'Lene, co-owners of the workshop. This coterie of characters must learn valuable skills in order to work together and grow, such as emotional intelligence, empathy, and resilience.


The Workshop is eclectic and electric, vibrant and inspiring, with no shortage of foibles, conflicts, and internal struggles for young people to use as a mirror for their own social and emotional development.

Arts Integrated Resource

"In The Workshop" is a social-emotional learning supplement for educators of preschoolers and early elementary students. The program empowers educators to teach social-emotional learning through art, storytelling, and puppetry.

What's Included:

8 web episodes for students (12 min each) that serve as the "hook" for each lesson.
Standard connected arts integrated lesson plans inspired by episodes for educators
Printable activity sheet connected to lesson plans
Arts integration demo videos for educators
Librarian curated reading lists
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Social Emotional Learning Ties

Episodes 1 and 2

Identifying emotions (happy, frustrated), Asking for help, Collaboration, Body control, Safety

Episodes 3 and 4

Identifying emotions (fear), Separation anxiety, Overactive imagination

Episodes 5 and 6

Identifying emotions (anger, jealousy), Interpersonal relationships (taking turns, sharing, losing)

Episodes 7 and 8

Identifying emotions (sad, disappointment) Exploring loss, Finding hope.


"In the Workshop" Season 1 is presented in partnership with the Midwest Trust Center - JCCC 




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