Professional Services

Services range from puppet creation, full production collaboration, or video work!


Let's create together...

A great puppet starts with a great design, and our artists can work with you to design a character with the heart, soul and spark that will connect with an audience.

Already have a design? We can work from your design and bring it to life in three dimensions. 


The creation process...

Working from the design, our expert puppet builders will find the perfect materials for fabricating your new puppet.  

Our builders are also puppeteers, and this combined experience results in a puppet that not only looks good but is also durable and comfortable to perform.



Let us bring your character to life...

Every puppet needs a puppeteer, and our performers can breathe life into your new puppet character.

From skilled live theater artists to puppeteers experienced in manipulating puppets for film and video, we can provide the talent that will make you character shine on stage or screen.