Puppet Rentals
Mesner Puppet Theater has a diverse array of puppets for rent. Many community organizations and theater companies are looking for puppets for a one-time event or activity. Mesner has a diverse range of puppets for rent at very reasonable pricing. One of our most significant puppets for rent is a 15-ft. dragon used in the Shrek the Musical performances. For rental or more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Dragon Puppet
The dragon puppet rental is $1,200 (two-week time frame)
The fee for delivery for the dragon is $50 within a 60 mile radius of Kansas City.

The delivery fee for destinations in a 400 mile radius is $1,000
Destinations over 400 miles are required to pick the dragon up from the Mesner Puppet Theater at 1006 E. Linwood Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64109.

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Hand to God Puppets  
In building the puppets for this show, Artistic Director Mike Horner says, “One of my favorite parts of the script is the idea that Tyrone not only repairs himself, but also gives himself teeth. In my design I expanded on that, and throughout the play the puppet continues to evolve visually.”
Rental Fee: $1,200 + shipping costs in the United States


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The oldest boy 600



The Oldest Boy Puppet
Artistic Director Mike Horner designed Tenzin with an placidly abstract face. 
Rental Fee: $1,200 + shipping costs in the United States


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Custom Built Puppets
Mesner Puppet Theater has been building puppets since our start in 1988. All of our puppets are built in-house for all performances. Our puppets display a range of creativity, expressions, styles and diversity. Our artistic imagery will amaze you! We provide custom built puppets for many organizations including other performing artists, schools, churches and many community organizations, for use both locally and nationally. Most recently, we built puppets utilized to address healthy habits for the Kansas City Health Department. Artistic Director Mike Horner is lead puppet builder lending his skill, vision and artistry to each puppet.
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  If you have an upcoming project or event requiring a special puppet, give us a call at 816-756-3500.