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Bring Your Class to MPT! Make your next field trip a visit to Mesner Puppet Theater! Students K-12 will enjoy performances that stir the imagination and tickle the funny bone! Our theater creates shows based on contemporary children's literature. The books, folktales and fairytales are chosen for their ability to be successfully translated into puppetry, colorful characters and plots that invite interpretation, and characters that lend themselves to the nature of puppet productions.

“We read the story in class this morning and then the characters came alive on the stage!”  I overheard one of my students say this on the bus ride back to school!  My class thoroughly enjoyed attending the puppet show today!  Thank you for providing age appropriate entertainment options for my kindergarten students.  The teachers had fun as well!  We plan to keep Paul Mesner Puppets on our list of must do field trips for years to come.  

Kindergarten Teacher
Briarcliff Elementary

The puppet exhibition room is free, and a great way to introduce students to a variety of different puppets from different cultures. Make- A-Puppet kits will enhance your student's visit and allows an opportunity for discussion in the classroom after the show. A paper puppet is designed for each  show.

Mesner Puppet Theater is a proud member of Kansas City Arts Partners, a sequential arts-in-education program for grades K-12, integrating our community's arts resources into the curriculum of Greater Kansas City area schools districts.

Cost:  $6.50 per person

Puppet kits are $5 each.